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The SnoozeShade

The SnoozeShade was designed by Cara Sayer who is a Mum herself and when she was out and about with her daughter Holly in the buggy she found it harder and harder to get Holly to sleep and a muslin covering the buggy was just not doing the job!

Fast forward a few years and Cara now has a whole range of SnoozeShade's including 2 versions for buggy's (original for baby and plus for 6 months upwards), versions for car seats and most recently one to go over a travel cot so those early morning wake ups are not a thing while travelling, genius.

Is the SnoozeShade safe I hear you ask? Yes it is. Cara has tested her SnoozeShade for everything you can think possible. It even self-extinguishes, how amazing is that! The poppers are safe, the straps to hold it onto the buggy are short so they are not a strangulation hazard and she used strong zips that pass heavyweight tests so they can't be pulled off by little hands. It's breathable, air permeable and also blocks the sun out so your baby is fully protected.

I know that its not possible to expect all of you to do every nap at home in the cot so this is why I highly recommend SnoozeShade for those naps on the go, especially when you little one gets that little bit older and a little bit more nosy and wants to see what the world has to offer so doesn't tend to fall asleep as well. When out and about we still want to give your little one a similar sleep environment to the one they have at home and so by using the SnoozeShade you are making the environment dark which helps produce Melatonin (the sleepy hormone) and this is the best thing for getting our little ones sleeping soundly on the go.

For 10% off all the SnoozeShade products, please use my code THEDREAMHOUSE

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