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Dreamegg D1 Pro white noise machine

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

There are so many way we can help new-born's fall asleep in the 4th trimester but the environment that your baby sleeps in has a huge impact on whether your baby will sleep or not. One of the main things that I advise my parents to look at when their little ones are small is white noise. This amazing white noise machine from Dreamegg does EVERYTHING!! It has 29 different sounds, its also a night light that can be dimmed to your preference, a volume control and there is a timer on there too. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a white noise machine.

Click the link below to purchase one

A few little details of the Dreamegg D1 Pro:

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - D1 Pro combines noise maker, night light and sleep soother in one easy-to-use device. As the upgrade model of D1 white noise machine which is beloved by thousands of customers, D1 Pro comes with stronger features with 29 high fidelity sounds, customized light brightness, timer and volume level. It is not only a sleep helper sound machine for baby kids, but also a effective sound machine for adults for sleeping and relaxation.

  • HELPS SETTLE-IN & CALM DOWN - Turn it on to create sleepy atmosphere to help crying baby settle in and calm down. D1 Pro offers 29 soothing sounds (15 nature sounds, 7 fan noises, and 7 white noise sounds) for you to choose from. There is always one you or your baby love most. Fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer with this D1 Pro sound machine.

  • CUSTOMIZED NIGHT LIGHT for NURSERY - We listen to our customers’ feedback. D1 Pro sound machine upgrades the night light with adjustable light intensity, and separated control from sound - which is ideal for feeding in the middle of night. Forget about lamp and glaring ceiling lights, the night light emits enough brightness for baby feeding. Besides, as baby moves to big kid rooms, night light helps children feel secure. Option to stay on all night or stay pitch dark if you turn the light off.

  • EFFECTIVELY MASKS NOISE- D1 Pro white noise machine lets you control your sound environment. It really blows your mind in seconds - from timer to non-stop playing, from quiet to impressively robust volume, and from soothing nature sounds to white noises. With pleasant appearance and favorable features, the sound machine lets magic happen for a natural sleep aid, tinnitus / stress relief , office privacy, baby soothing, respite from noisy snorer and hotel rooms.

  • SLEEP TRAINER & MOM’S HELPER IN PARENTING - It is the very first stage when baby reacts to light and sound to develop their visual and sound ability. The white noise machine will become an integral part of babies sleep routine. It gives mom more own time to do any stuff she likes. Happy rise and healthy growth. Contact us directly and we reply in 12 hours for any problems you might have.

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