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This 3-4 month guide is a great help when your little one is a bit too small for full on sleep training (which doesn't always mean cry it out!) but they are ready for some routine and a little guidance to help them through this big development in their life. 


Around this time you may see them go through the 4 month sleep regression (from 12 weeks it can start), this is a progression in their sleep development that can cause cat napping, more wake ups in the night and early morning wake ups. This guide is here to help you through all of this in 6 steps. 


At £29.99 its an absolute bargain and you can have it at your fingertips in the middle of the night if you need some help. 


As I always ask, please do not share this with your friends as I am only a small business but instead share how useful it has been for you and reccommend it to everyone you know. 


Olivia x

3-4 Month Guide

VAT Included
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