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Olivia really helped us puts steps into place to help get our daughters sleep back on track, at 3.5 she had never consistently slept through the night and after a traumatic hospital stay her sleep was worse then ever with multiple wake ups every single night! Within a week our daughter was only waking up once and even slept through a couple of nights, which is an incredible improvement! We're still working towards getting her to consistently sleep through but thanks to Olivia we now feel confident we have the tools to achieve this!

Georgia & Aria

Thank you so much! I honestly can't believe he is sleeping as well as he is... I had lost hope that he would ever sleep! I already feel a million times better.

Ashlea & George

My help from Olivia has been amazing. She's helped us gain a daily routine that works around my son and enables me to have time with him as well. It's given me predictability to each day and allowed me to achieve things for myself again. 
Night time has been more difficult for us to master but we are definitely getting there. Olivia listened to my choices and respected them as a parent. I tried controlled crying with my son and could never achieve anything so knew this wasn't for us. But the methods suggested sat well with me and helped us regain our evenings. 
I think the most important thing is I've had support the whole time and now feel like I understand my daughters sleep so can make the right choices when there are the inevitable wobbles!
Thank you so much it's changed out lives so much for the better. I'd defiantly recommend this support to anyone in the future.

Laura & Indi

I can't thank Olivia enough with all the advice and help she gave us! I was at a loss with my youngest son who, for 8 months has never slept more than an hour, and with a 3 year old to look after too I felt I had to do something! 
I've always been a very relaxed and non-routine mum, but actually I've learned that by having a slight routine and small adjustments it has really worked for us now, and I can honestly say I feel SO much better for it, and happier knowing we are all getting some sleep each night!! 
Jude now sleeps 6-6 most nights which is AMAZING I just can't believe it, I would never have thought this would ever happen and it didn't take long at all to see instant improvements. 
Thank you Olivia you have changed our lives!!!

Roula & Jude

Olivia has helped me so much over the past three months,  with my now 11 month who has really struggled with daytime sleep since he was three months old resulting in really early starts and lots of wakes in the morning as he was so overtired.  As a second child I was aware of what was going wrong and what needed to be done, but we were stuck in a vicious cycle with an incredibly stubborn baby and having seeked help with two other sleep consultants who hadn't been able to help Olivia has been AMAZING at helping me crack it!  


She listened to me, didn't judge or assume I was the problem and explored the best way to help Harry with his sleep.  We tried a number of different techniques, and she helped me adjust timings to work for Harry changing this every few days until he was back on track and subsequently sorting his sleep deficit.  I cannot recommend her enough, and if you stick with it the results are quick and efficient and reliable.  She also installs amazing foundations to help you adapt should sleep go off one day or you go out and things don't go to plan.  


She has also gone above and beyond helping me when my three year old has gone through a sleep regression, again her calm response always seems to be the best advice. 

Georgie & Harry

Olivia was a massive help in helping us establish a routine for our baby girl. She had really open approach and found a method that suited our parenting style. We went for a more gentle option, which worked so well. It turns out our baby girl loves a routine as much as we do!
Olivia also helped up adapt naps for when baby classes fell in the middle of the scheduled lunchtime nap. 
It was so nice having someone at the end of the phone to give us the confidence to stick with the plan, even on the more tough days.
Happy baby, happy mummy! 
Thank you Olivia! x

Sarah & Sophia

I would recommend Olivia to anyone who needs help or advice getting their child to sleep. Olivia replied to all of my questions instantly and was also very friendly and personable. My son Barney was waking 4-5 times a night and now after following Olivia’s advice, last night after just two weeks he slept from 18.30-10.30, had a bottle then slept through to 7.15 this morning! I never thought this was possible so this lady sure knows her stuff! Thank you Olivia!

Kim & Barney

Our 3rd baby was 18 months and had never slept very well. I was beginning to really struggle. I contacted Olivia and the following day I had our tailor made plan. With Olivia’s advice and support, we are now 2 weeks in with a baby that is sleeping so well, at night and for naps. I really didn’t think it would happen so smoothly. It sounds dramatic but it’s totally changed my life. I had been so reluctant to seek help and always thought I didn’t agree with sleep coaching, but this has been a really gentle process that has benefitted all of us. Thank you so much Olivia.

Lauren & Phoebe 

I worked with Olivia when my son turned 4 months. He had never been a great sleeper but was going even further backwards at this point. Olivia was so easy to work with, she took the time to understand our problem and work with me to create a plan that I would be comfortable with. Prior to working with Olivia I had read books and plans but Olivia made things simple and easy and having her at the end of the phone to answer questions gave me the confidence I needed.
I would recommend Olivia to anyone.

Becky & Hamish 

Thank you Olivia for your guides to download and your content on Instagram. My second baby is 5 months old and sleeps so well at night thanks to Olivia’s tips and following her routine guide. I am enjoying my second child so much more now that I have some idea how to help with sleep… I was clueless with my first and this time around with Olivia’s help I feel much more confident. More sleep has also helped with managing my postnatal depression this time around. Thank you so much.


I’ll never say thank you enough to Olivia for helping us with my baby’s sleep! I thought I wasn’t never going to sleep again until I met her. I just trusted her and her guidelines and the miracle happened! Thank you again :)

Simona & Giorgio

Sleeping Baby

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